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5. What's going on in our world?

The information presented in this article is 100% accurate. Each quote and stated fact can be verified in the original sources. 

What's the Master Plan?

'We need to develop a system that allows us to trace every person anywhere. Those who somehow came into contact with covid19 must be isolated. An army of officials needs to enforce this.'

Bill Clinton, former US president

'We need to develop a digital certificate that shows who has received all the vaccinations. Only those with all the required vaccinations may travel, visit churches, participate in sports and music events, get a job, etc.'

Bill Gates, Vaccin dealer

'Digital apps and tracking software must be widely addopted to enable even more complete contact control. The entire population must be tested on a weekly basis.'


'This bill (HR.6666) is to authorise the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to perform testing, contact tracing, monitoring and other activities...'

Bobby Rush, USA congresman

'What these guys want is our freedom. That's the truth. Everyone, please, worry about this one precious thing that is more important than our lives: our freedom. Because a man in shackles is worthless.' JAIR BOLSONARO, PRESIDENT OF BRAZIL 'Their goal is to destroy democracy and appoint world leaders who were not elected by anyone and cannot be voted out by anyone.' NIGEL FARRAGE, BritISH PoliticIAN 'The imposition of these illegal measures is a disturbing step towards a world government that would escape all control.' CARLO VIGANO, ARCHBISHOP, ITALY 'The true purpose behind all this is total control. Absolution dominance over all people who are turned into guinea pigs and slaves, violating sovereignty and free will'. SARA CUNIAL, CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES, ITALY

Recently, thousands of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter accounts that informed mankind about organic food, natural resistance building and healthy lifestyles were deleted (source). Many of these accounts were from doctors, nutritionists and life coaches. Their goal was simple: to teach people how to naturally strengthen their immune system and overcome disease.

Creating strong, healthy and conscious people. One of the world's best-known websites on healthy living is called The Truth About Cancer. These educated researchers have millions of followers on Twitter, whom they teach how to develop healthy lifestyles that prevent and cure many diseases. Thanks to their science-based information, large numbers of people have already been cured of cancer and many other life-threatening ailments.

Suddenly Twitter deleted their three large accounts with millions of followers. Just gone. Without a word of explanation. (Source)

heir second website is called The Truth About Vaccines where they inform mankind about the serious dangers of unsafe vaccines. They don't oppose vaccinations, but point out that many vaccines contain harmful substances that have already damaged millions of people worldwide for life and caused many deaths. They allow victims to speak, alongside medical experts who provide scientific evidence. This vitally important website always ranked number one in Google because of the wealth of high-quality information, always thoroughly substantiated with verifiable facts. Recently, however, Google has burried their website. If you search for 'The Truth About Vaccines' on Google, their website is no longer visible anywhere. Instead, there is now a superficial fake website that indiscriminately encourages people to get vaccinated. Of course, not a word is said about the lifethreatening dangers of unsafe vaccines. However, this fake website does bear the name 'The Truth About Vaccines' which was stolen from the original website. Honest and life-saving information is censored and replaced by one-sided and life-threatening indoctrination.

It is not an isolated case. All over the world, organizations and experts that educate mankind about developing healthy lifestyles are heavily censored. Another example of a similar violation of the right to free speech is what happened in the Netherlands, Europe, with Live Consciously by health expert Mike Verest. Together with his wife, he is committed to a great mission: teaching people to live healthy lives and develop a good immune system.

Their social media accounts were deleted for no reason, along with hundreds of other accounts from similar health organizations (source).

Doctors are silenced

Not only is global censorship applied to information about strengthening our health, but doctors who expose misinformation about covid19 are also silenced. Two experienced physicians from California, Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi, had examined as many as six thousand (!) people during the onset of the coronary crisis. As a result of this very extensive research, they came to some conclusions that differed greatly from what the media reported. Because they were concerned about the misinformation that was going on, these doctors held a press conference. In all sincerity, they shared their findings with the press present.

They revealed that there is a dangerous hype in the media and that the figures trumpeted do not match the results of their own extensive research. A friendly press conference with nothing but their down-to-earth, honest observations based on research of six thousand people, coupled with their decades of medical experience. This video was quickly viewed millions of times because their information is so liberating ... but was promptly removed by YouTube (source). Moreover, the Internet was flooded with all kinds of videos and articles to ridicule their statements.

When several users reloaded the video, it was removed again and again and again by YouTube. Another example is the impressive documentary Plandemic, which gives the cellular and molecular biologist Judy Mikovits a chance to speak. This famous medical scientist reveals that many vaccinations contain dangerous gamma retroviruses, because they are grown in infected cell lines of animals. As a result, vaccinations cause devastating neurological damage to millions of children worldwide. An honest interview with a medical forerunner that was viewed millions of times within days. It was also removed by YouTube. Everywhere the interview was re-uploaded by courageous viewers, YouTube removed it again.

Google, YouTube and Twitter are waging a fierce war against any publication in which scientists warn people of the dangers of vaccinations.

Facebook wants everyone vaccinated

Facebook is also boycotting any information about the dark side of vaccines. Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook, was recently interrogated by the U.S. Congress regarding this practice (source). The congressman began the hearing by stating that the U.S. government has paid out more than four billion dollars in damages to thousands of people who were severely damaged by vaccines. Furthermore, the congressman pointed out that frequent medical research has definitively established the numerous cases of vaccine-damage. He therefore asked Mark Zuckerberg why Facebook is censoring information that informs people of these dangers. Zuckerberg replied that they do, because everyone should get all vaccinations (source). Zuckerberg remained visibly unmoved by the far-reaching devastation that vaccinations cause to many people.

'Facebook censors information about the dangers of vaccines, because we want everyone to be vaccinated.' MARK ZUCKERBERG, CEO FACEBOOK

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