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vehicle disinfection

vehicle disinfection

office disinfection

office disinfection

hotel disinfection

hotel disinfection

Our Rating Services

  • Hotels

  • Office Spaces.

  • Restaurants and food preparation areas.

  • Education facilities.

  • Private and commercial vehicles.

  • Public transport.

  • Public amenities, entrances and public areas

  • Locker Rooms, Bathrooms.

  • Sanitary facilities.

  • Grocery Stores and Supermarkets

  • Gymnasium


Consumer Rating

The joint guidance for cleaning and disinfection of “premises”, stresses the following:  


Administrators of any business or premise owners and stakeholders, in collaboration with the Consumer Rating Research Centre, should immediately set up your emergency operations plans. With implementation of cleansing/disinfect exercises, constant review and updates to address and control, the spread of current infectious disease outbreak/ pandemic.

Cleaning and disinfecting “premises” require stringent and effective practices regularly, according to planned policies and strategies.  Manning personnels to be equipped with the SOP

When an individual diagnosed by the laboratory and confirmed COVID-19 infected, symptomatic in the said premise, cleaning and disinfection throughout the premise is necessarily urgent.

Services of Disinfection Service Business are provided only by approved providers that are rated and listed.


Rating Compliance

​Compliance to the rating guidance requires directors, every personnel of the organisation and their stakeholders, must ensure any high-risk areas are identified and the infection control plan reviewed and updated.

They must appoint a custodial staff responsible to monitor, maintain safety measures and update a daily record.

To ensure efficacy, areas must first be cleaned off dirt and remove pollutants. Dirt and other materials on surfaces can reduce the effectiveness of disinfectants.

Recommendation to use green cleaning products.

Additionally, providers should ensure clarity in information stated on product labels and the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are maintained daily. 

The SDS to include information on the necessary personal protective equipment provided to custodial staff.

Disinfecting is the responsibility of service staff. They are to be trained to use disinfectants in a meticulous, safe and effective manner as shown in the SOP. They are required to clean and rid any contaminated materials and fluid spills eg. blood, vomit, feces and urine.

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