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75. China is reaping the financial benefits of unleashing a bioweapon on the world

China has now overtaken the United States as the European Union's biggest trade partner as the country and the rest of the world plunge into the red while Beijing’s economy continues to thrive. In the third quarter of this year, China beat out the U.S. as the EU's top trade partner as trade between the EU and China reached €425.5 billion. Meanwhile, trade between the EU and the U.S. came in at just €412.5 billion. During the same period of time last year, the EU's trade with China was €413.4 billion versus €461 billion with the U.S. Much of this change is being attributed to a 4.5% rise in imports from China while trade with the U.S. dropped significantly in both imports and exports. The Chinese economy has rebounded since an initial COVID-19-related shock during the first quarter of the year, and the purchase of high volumes of personal protective equipment by Europeans has given Chinese exports a nice boost. The communist country is also benefiting from the growing numbers of people who are now being forced to work from home, with video chat apps bringing in significant revenue.

Coronavirus has been incredibly profitable for China

In other words, China has successfully crushed the rest of the world by building and releasing a bioweapon upon us and is now raking in the profits as people continue to die around the world. While many businesses are closing up in the Western world in an effort to keep the virus under control and people bury their loved ones, China is already happily back to its pre-pandemic trajectory as consumer spending and industrial production have both returned to normal there. It's hard not to reach the conclusion that this is exactly what China wanted. Although they have claimed that the disease was not their fault, they have acted highly suspiciously, and whistleblowers from within China have said in no uncertain terms that the virus did indeed come from a government lab there. China obscured an investigation into the origin of the disease and published highly questionable infection rates that played a big part in the slow response by the West to prepare for the pandemic. Adding fuel to the fire is a new study that revealed that traces of coronavirus were found in American blood samples from last December, which is just the latest in a growing pile of evidence that the virus had been circulating for months before China even acknowledged it existed. Although they've tried to claim that it started in a wet market in Wuhan last winter, scientific evidence says otherwise, showing that the virus was already all over the Western world months before China declared its first cases to the World Health Organization. The reward for unleashing their bioweapon on all of us? The International Monetary Fund has projected the Chinese economy will expand by 1.9% this year, making it the sole major world economy to note growth. It's unfortunate that people are still buying Chinese goods and supporting the Chinese Communist Party even after everything they've done to the world. Every country in Europe and beyond, as well as the U.S., needs to end its reliance on China as soon as possible instead of giving them money so they can continue to strengthen themselves and their military and grow their power.

China clearly released this virus with the aim of world domination, and the scary thing is, it looks like it's working.

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