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7. Assistant professor murdered

A promising assistant professor named Bing Liu was achieving impressive breakthroughs in research into a medicine for covid19. Suddenly he was found dead in his home with multiple gunshot wounds to the head, chest and limbs (source).

YouTube is censoring prayer

Not only medical experts are silenced. Even prayer against the corona virus is censored on YouTube! My wife made a video in which she helps believers to pray effectively against covid19. This inspiring prayer video was removed by YouTube. No explanation. Just deleted. ​

Tip of the iceberg

Everything you have read so far is just the tip of a huge iceberg. Countless more examples of extreme censorship and oppression can be revealed. There is a degree of censorship by Big Tech (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) that is historically unprecedented. However, it is not only these media tycoons that are censoring mankind, many official bodies are also threatening anyone who makes an honest, scientifically based sound, which deviates from the official script. 

Information that teaches people to overcome illness naturally is being deleted. Educating the population about vaccine damage is forbidden. Successful treatments of covid19 are ignored and even outright challenged. Doctors who cure hundreds of corona patients are forced to stop. An entire blog of a succesful physician is deleted. A medical center that strengthens the immune system of essential workers is shut down.  The question is: Why is this happening?  What's the plan behind it?

Unsafe vaccines are imposed

Meanwhile something else is going on... An agenda is being pushed to consider forced vaccination as the only answer against covid19. The plan is to set up a global control system, which will enable those in power to find out who did or did not receive the vaccine. Bill Gates, who in recent years has earned tens of billions of dollars from vaccines, advocates the introduction of a digital certificate. This will show who has received the long list of dangerous vaccines and who didn't (source). Those who refuse the vaccine because of well-founded medical objections will lose many basic rights, such as the freedom to travel, go to church or participate in musical and sporting events. You can hear Bill Gates say that in this video, after minute 59. Gates also wants to set up a global monitoring network that will trace and monitor everyone for the rest of their life, if they somehow came into contact with covid19  (source). When President Trump's asked whether it would be advisable to assess the dangers of vaccinations, Bill Gates insisted that such a thing is a bad idea. Investigating the dangers of vaccinations a bad idea? You can hear him say that in this video, after 1h6min.

Apple and Google are teaming up to use smartphones to see who has come into contact with covid19. This system will allow them to trace people through their phones (source).

In America, a bill was proposed to spend $100 billion a year on a system that will give the government carte blanche to enter - by force if necessary - all houses. The plan is to test people against their will and anyone who tests positive for covid19 will be removed from the family and placed in quarantine. This bill is called H.R.6666 (source).  Do you see what's going on here? Sources of information that inform the population about healthy living and building up natural resistance are being removed. Doctors who cure covid19 are suppressed, shut down and even killed. Scientists who say anything other than the official story of the mainstream media are censored. Medical centres where people's immune systems are strengthened are closed down. Even our prayer video in which Renate teaches people to pray against covid19 has been removed.

Mankind may only hear about a vaccine as the only solution to covid19. A vaccine that must be forced on all of us, along with a global system of 24h control.

Extreme covid19 deception

At the same time, severe fraud is being committed all over the world with covid19 numbers. A well known Italian politician, Vittorio Sgarbi, confronts this far-reaching deception. Furious, he proclaims it in the Italian Chamber of Deputies: 'It is necessary to be united against dictatorships and united in the truth. Let us not make this the chamber of lies. Don't lie! Tell the truth! Don't say there are 25,000 deaths. It's not true. Don't use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism. The figures from the Higher Institute of Health say 96.3% died of other diseases.'  (Source)

'Don't lie! Tell the truth! Don't say there are 25,000 deaths. It's not true. Don't use the dead for rhetoric and terrorism. The figures from the Higher Institute of Public Health say 96.3% died of other diseases.'


Tanzanian president exposes fraud

President John Magufuli of Tanzania questioned his country's covid19 figures. There were said to be more than 400 cases of infection and 16 deaths. He didn't trust the National Medical Laboratory and decided to send them allegedly human samples for testing. The samples, however, came from a papaya fruit and a goat. As he suspected, they returned with positive results: "These people are infected with covid19." That's how he exposed the gross deception. The lab's figures are indeed false, just as this down-to-earth president suspected... (source). The president fired the director of the National Medical Laboratory. Of course, he is slandered on the Internet and the major media are silent about his exposé of the deception.

Countless false covid19 cases

All over the world thousands of people, often with great indignation, testify that they themselves or a good friend were wrongly registered as a covid19 patient. They went to the hospital for, let's say, a heart attack, a painful fall, or a stroke. Without testing them, the medical staff registered these people as covid19. When asked why this is happening, they were invariably given the answer: 'Orders from above'.

In a frank interview with Fox News, Dr. Scott Jensen, who is also a Senator of the state of Minnesota, reveals that hospitals receive as much as $13,900 for every patient they register as covid19. For every death as a result of covid19, that amount is tripled! Testing is not required at all. The result is absurdly incorrect covid19 figures, which are then proclaimed by the media and government (source).

'Hospitals get big money for every covid19 patient. For each death, three times as much is paid. However, testing is not necessary. The result is serious fraud and grossly exaggerated covid19 figures.'


In the internet there is indeed a storm of countless people who testify about this. The disturbing thing is that these testimonies do not come from a single country, but from all over the world. The first testimony I heard firsthand comes from a man in the Netherlands. This father brought his daughter to the hospital with an epileptic seizure. Without hesitation she was registered as a corona patient, while she has been going to that hospital for years for her epileptic seizures. She wasn't even tested for covid19. A lady who works in a residential care centre in Belgium told me that in all care centres indeed every sick person is registered as covid19 and every death is attributed to covid19. There is no testing in any way. Below you can see some examples of others who experienced the same thing.

Written version of some testimonials:

'My friend's cousin got kicked in the head by a horse. Sadly she died a few days later from a brain haemorrhage. Death certificate was signed cause of death covid19. There were three witnesses there when it happened. She was a perfectly healthy young girl. Just a freaking accident. They're lying to the whole world!!!' 'My good friend works at a nursing home and has been told all deaths are to be processed as 'The Virus', yet they have not had a positive test nor have they tested any of them.' 'Kidney care nurse here, I can vouch for this. I've seen it done, all deaths except fatal shootings or fatal car wrecks are listed as Covid19 deaths.'

To clarify how many of these cases there are, I'll add a few more here:

Written versions of these posts:

I had a friend who died from cancer. Death certificate said covid-19 My mother died of Parkinson's disease in our home where she was living. Her death certificate said she died of Covid19. We were shocked to say the least! Another friend let me know that her son who had a motorcycle accident also said the same thing on the death certificate. Uncle died of a head injury and they put Covid-19 on his death certificate. Complete lie!! My friend died last Tuesday of a busted ulcer and the hospital told his family that was the cause of death. Next Wednesday they changed I to Covid.

Someone on Facebook started to share these kinds of messages and soon became a point of contact for HUNDREDS similar cases (see image below - source).

Only 3% has been tested

prominent newspaper in Belgium, De Tijd, discussed how the media and the government announced that almost three thousand elderly had died of covid19. Such dramatic reports contributed to the extreme measures taken.

However, research showed that only 3% had been tested (source).

Similar reports are coming in from all over the world. Astronomical numbers of covid19 deaths are widely spread by media, yet it appears that the vast majority of these supposed cases are simply false. This is an extreme form of deception on a global scale.

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