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52. SEVERAL groups today called upon the Government to explain

SEVERAL groups today called upon the Government to explain its rush in signing a deal to purchase Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine despite several unanswered questions.

"Is it effective on people? Or are we just going treat people as guinea pigs?” the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society president Amrahi Buang told FocusM. Yesterday, Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that the Government had signed a preliminary purchasing agreement with Pfizer, to obtain 12.8 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to meet the immunisation needs of 6.4 million Malaysians. The agreement, signed on Nov 24, was aimed at ensuring the Government had access to data to assess the vaccine’s quality, safety and effectiveness and at the same time, ensuring access once it was ready for distribution.

Urging caution, Amrahi said many are still in the dark about the Pfizer’s vaccine, such as whether it had any adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI) on those who participated in the clinical trials.

“Did any Malaysians participate in the third phase of Pfizer’s clinical trial? In the event of adverse effects, who will be held responsible?

“And what is the Government’s plan to monitor the vaccine’s effectiveness after being disbursed?” he asked.

Amrahi also question whether the vaccine, designed under the m-RNA technology, would alter a human genetic code once administered.

“By the way, do we even have the logistics ability to store the vaccine under -80 degrees Celcius? I hope the Government can provide answers to all this,” he said.

Echoing Amrahi’s concerns, Covid Research Centre Malaysia said Pfizer’s vaccine was designed using genetically-modified organism (GMO) technology, which may not be safe on humans.

“Both mRNA and mDNA vaccines have never been used on humans before, only on animals.

“There has been a lot of controversy in the Western media and scientific & medical circles on the safety of Pfizer’s GMO vaccine, partly due to the rush job in the clinical trials.

“Even if there are no harmful side effects today, what assurance is there that the side effects would not appear in a year’s time?” asked its spokesperson Azmi Anshar.

He added that the vaccine does not prevent COVID-19 transmission of the virus from human to human, only suppressing its symptoms.

“It should not even be called a vaccine, if that is the case,” said Azmi. –Nov 28, 202

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