485. Mass protests sweep Europe

While the number of daily COVID cases are relatively low, streets of France, Germany and Italy are engulfed by anti-restrictions protesters. Reportedly one person in Germany died after yet another clash with the local police.

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498. Who exactly FUNDS the CDC?

Well, I wanted to know, so I made this list of notables compiled from the huge list found on their website. -3M -Adobe -AFLAC -AstraZeneca -ATT -AnthemBlueCrossBlueShield -Bayer -Bank of Commerce -Bil

496. KKM perlu perinci punca kematian penerima vaksin

PUTRAJAYA: Kementerian Kesihatan (KKM) perlu memperincikan setiap kematian membabitkan individu yang lengkap vaksinasi pelalian COVID-19 untuk mengetahui punca sebenar membawa kepada kematian itu. Bek