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225. PCR Tests Are A Total Scam: World Health Organisation Finally Admits It…

In almost every article we have written since our inception, has highlighted and explained how everything associated with Covid is a scam and a lie. You can check our Covid-19 news section in particular for confirmation of that.

We also exposed how Covid was being used by various Governments around the world – particularly governments of the EU and China – as a catalyst to help remove Donald Trump. We showed you how Trump would have taken back 30%+ of Europe’s economy had he remained in office, and how the CCP’s economic & political position would have become untenable had he remained in office. It therefore came as no surprise to us that on January 20th, the day of the Joe Xiden’s illegitimate inauguration after his fraudulent election victory, the World Health Organisation dropped a short but massive communique on their website. The WHO now state that a positive result is not by itself an indication of infection, and that a 2nd test along with a clinical diagnosis is required. We predicted that this would happen three weeks ago in the second part our article about Anthony Fauci’s long covid con.

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