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223. MEDIA STATEMENT: Safety Concerns about mRNA Vaccine & Alternatives

Summary : Why do we need new, risky, untried, unverified, unstable mRNA Pfizer vaccine when there are so many SAFER, effective & cheaper alternatives, other vaccines and drugs like Ivermectin

25 January 2021

Released by:

• Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (Muslim Consumer Organisation Malaysia)

• Persatuan Patriot Kebangsaaan (PATRIOT)

• Covid Research Centre, Think Tank Unit

• Asian Heritage Museum (AHM) Group

1. Members of the public have the right to know about the risk and safety aspects of Covid-19 vaccines. Based on latest news reports and after consulting some experts, we believe that we have not been told the Full story on the safety aspects of the mRNA vaccines, especially the ultra-sensitive and highly unstable mRNA vaccine developed by the US-based MNC biotech firm Pfizer, which would require refrigeration of minus 70 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius.

2. Non-disclosure of all relevant facts on safety aspects is worse than spreading false news. Diverting attention, covering up the safety aspects of the mRNA vaccine, and only giving selective information or playing down on the serious adverse events (including deaths) cause by the vaccine is unethical and even criminal. If the vaccine concerned were to cause serious side effects later on, who will be held responsible, since the vaccine producer would likely be given social immunity here?

3. We must learn from the anti-dengue vaccine Dengvaxia Scandal in the Philippines in 2016, which was approved by World Health Organization (WHO), where more than 130 children died after being vaccinated. The case is being investigated for criminal negligence and possibly, greed and corruption as well. Twenty government officials and medical experts have so far been indicted in the Philippines in 2019 for homicide charges related to the rushed approval process and for carrying out the vaccination in “undue haste”.

4. Safety is far more important than efficacy. It is meaningless having a 100 percent effective vaccine today but later report serious side effects, including deaths. Unlike medicine, a vaccine is given to healthy people including children so the threshold for safety is very high. Also, unlike medicine or a drug, a vaccine tends to stay in our body for a long time, even forever. So the propensity for a new and unverified vaccine to cause harm is great.

5. Even the 95 percent efficacy claimed by the US-based mRNA vaccine producers (Pfizer and Moderna) has been challenged by a world-renowned scientist, Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of highly respected British Medical Journal in an article dated 4 January 2021. Much of the efficacy claims would depend on the criteria and protocol used during the clinical trials which may vary from one vaccine developer to another.

6. We cannot assume that the vaccines are safe just because the US Government has given approval, or tacit approval from the WHO. The vaccine producers must provide all the clinical trials data for our regulatory authority (National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, NPRA) for a thorough professional evaluation based on data, facts and news reports from around the world so far, on all adverse and unexpected side effects, including deaths, for those people taking the vaccine concerned. The approval process must Not be rushed or compromised by political pressure as it involves the safety and the lives of our people. Again, let’s learn from the Dengvaxia Scandal in the Philippines involving a vaccine developed by a leading global biotech MNC.

7. There are two processes involved in developing and producing a vaccine. The first part is on R & D and production of the untested “rough cut” vaccine using the latest high tech, which can take place at lightning speed. This is fine as we are Not against using high tech or technological progress as long as it does not harm innocent people.

But the second and most important part of the process is to conduct preclinical trials (on animals) first and then, the human clinical trials with the vaccine concerned. The human clinical trials must Not be rushed as our human body is Not a high tech robot and it needs a minimum of 3 to 5 years to respond (vaccine and its ingredients would normally stay in our body for a very long time).

On another safety aspect, the promoters of the mRNA vaccine claimed that once the mRNA vaccine has done its job in our body to instruct our designated cells to make the "friendly antigen" to stimulate the antibody response needed, the mRNA vaccine (it's not actually a vaccine by strict definition) would then break up and it would be destroyed, that is the end of the story. This is highly misleading. What they do Not tell you is that the BY-PRODUCTS of the break up, may stay in our body for a very long time, may interact with other cells and may cause harm to our body later on.

There are just too many unknowns here with this new and Not properly tried & tested technology, so taking an attitude of "ignorance is bliss" or “you must trust this huge global MNC biotech firm” for injecting an unverified & unstable vaccine to healthy people is irresponsible and dangerous.

8. The same people in the US, including health officials such as Dr Anthony Fauci, who are now aggressively promoting the US mRNA vaccines, have lost credibility over the Face Mask Scandal in the West last year. It resulted in huge and uncontrolled infections and many fatalities in the West. These government officials and experts were either dishonest or they were so stupid and living in denial, when the pandemic was already full blown in the US and elsewhere, to refuse to change their illogical, unscientific and self-contradictory policy of “NO-necessity to wear face mask in public places”, until much later on and AFTER many more people became infected and died.

First, they said that face mask was Not effective at all in protecting anyone from sending and receiving the virus but they also said that due to a shortage of face mask then, it should be reserved for frontline workers only. So if it could work for protecting frontline workers, how come it could not work for others? No answers from them.

Then they used that racist narrative (promoted by their then President Donald Trump) that wearing face mask was an Asian culture (which their adversary China is a major part of and a global manufacturing centre for face mask). So, how could they bring themselves to follow the inferior Asian culture? Well, they reap what they sow!

9. Uncertainty about the long-term side effects regarding mRNA vaccines makes it impossible to conduct a proper ‘Risks versus Benefits’ analysis.

10. One main component of the very unstable mRNA vaccine, PEG (polyethylene glycol) coating of nanoparticles, is already suspected to cause many reported severe side effects on those who have taken the vaccine. A scientific article on 21 December 2020 in the highly respected reported that “suspicions grow that nanoparticles (PEG) in Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions”. Health authorities in the US are concerned enough to study the matter further.

11. On 7 January 2021, it was reported that the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitted that it was carefully monitoring allergic reactions to the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna and urged individuals who had a serious reaction not to get the second dose.

What is even more alarming is that the CDC in the same press report said that allergic reactions are occurring at a rate of 11.1 per 1 million vaccinations, compared with flu vaccines, in which such reactions occur at a rate of 1.3 per 1 million shots. Basically for the mRNA vaccines, the allergic reactions (so far) are 9 times more than the flu vaccines.

12. Some high-profile cases so far, among people who have died or suffered serious side effects just after taking the Pfizer mRNA vaccine are:

• healthy Mexican female doctor, 32, hospitalised (in ICU), 3 Jan 2021

• healthy US doctor, 56, died on 3 Jan 2021

• healthy Portuguese nurse, 41, died on 4 January 2021

• 29 nursing home residents in Norway have died so far

It was reported on 21 January 2021 that over 12,000 people in Israel were tested positive for Covid-19 after receiving the Pfizer vaccine. More and more news reports from around the world are coming out on people who have died and who are suffering severe unexpected side effects after taking the unverified and unstable mRNA vaccine.

13. In order to protect the safety of our people, we would like to warn certain local doctors, health interest groups and academics, who may have been compromised and are trying to divert attention away to other issues and cover up on the severe side effects from taking the mRNA vaccine, that we are monitoring what they do and say. We would not allow such dishonest people to mislead or deceive the public on the safety aspects of the mRNA vaccine and to put our people in harm’s way.

14. We would like to know why Pfizer has insisted or demanded governments around the world to give social immunity against legal suits for adverse and serious side effects (including deaths) caused by the vaccine.

15. Why are the top management of Pfizer unwilling so far, to be given their own vaccine? What kind of confidence and leadership by example are they showing on their own product?

16. The mRNA vaccine (that our country has ordered 25 million doses for 12.5 million people) is developed by a well-known serial corporate criminal with a total penalty of USD 4.7 Billion since 2000 for various crimes committed including BRIBERY. It has a terrible track record on safety & integrity, including the death of 11 children in Nigeria in 1996 due to botched clinical trials on 200 children for their antibiotic drug called Trovan.

17. To understand the confusion and misinformation about vaccines out there being spread by certain parties with vested interest, we need to understand that our country is part of the global market of the new Vaccine Cold War which has already begun, between three main power blocks building up - US, China and Europe. The approach used by China & Europeans to promote their vaccines seem to be more ethical, equitable, fairer and sensitive to the needs of poorer countries. Our country must Not be used as guinea pigs or a pawn by any powers in this global Vaccine Cold War.


18. While we may oppose the use of mRNA vaccine until our questions are answered transparently and we have more information and certainty on its LONGER term safety aspects, we wish to show that we are CONSTRUCTIVE. There are much SAFER, effective and cheaper alternatives, home remedies and practices (also we can learn from China on how they could overcome the pandemic last year, within their borders, without resorting a vaccine) such as:

• Other safer vaccines such as Oxford University/Astra Zeneca vaccine (using new but tried & tested technology) and the proven technology of using attenuated or inactivated virus from nature such as China’s Sinovac vaccine called CoronaVac.

• IVERMECTIN, anti-parasitic and anti-viral wonder drug in tablet form, which has been PROVEN to be very SAFE. It has just been reported on 22 January 2021 that our Ministry of Health (MOH), which has openly stated that Ivermectin is “cheap, easily available and safe for us”, would be developing clinical trials in Malaysia to determine its efficacy in treating Covid-19. This is good and welcomed news. But we would like to propose a step further.

Our MOH/NPRA should quickly approve Ivermectin for public use, over the counter but still continue with the clinical trials to test its efficacy.

Ivermectin was developed by the Japanese in the 1970s and was used very successfully in the 1980s to treat the parasitic river blindness (Onchocerciasis) in rural areas such as in Africa, that had crippled whole communities. For the last 30 years or so, more than 3 BILLION PEOPLE have taken Ivermectin with not a single reported case of death or adverse side effects. RECENTLY, THERE HAVE BEEN MANY STUDIES OVERSEAS TO SHOW THAT IT CAN HELP TO PREVENT AND TREAT COVID-19.

The new & unverified Pfizer mRNA vaccine was quickly approved by our NPRA without any clinical trials being done here. In fact, the clinical trials in the US for mRNA vaccines were INCOMPLETE by normal protocol and were done in a rush of 8 months instead of the normal period of 3 years (minimum), but they were approved for public use by US FDA under Emergency Authorisation. So why can't our NPRA approve Ivermectin (under Emergency Authorisation too) for public use first and still do the clinical trials to test its efficacy? What have we got to lose? In view of the current critical healthcare crisis, time is of the essence in dealing with Covid-19 with every available “safe weapon” that we can get hold of.

We are aware that certain parties with vested interest in certain medical products are now trying to discredit this godsend medicine but we must fight this in the interest of the public.

• Anti-viral Nasal Spray just developed by Canadian firm Sanotize, has been tested and approved by Health Canada. Convenient and relatively cheap to use. Found to be effective and safe in preventing and treating Covid-19. This seems to be another godsend product which may face similar hurdles like Ivermectin from parties with vested interest who would oppose it.

• Increase intake of (anti-Covid-19) Vitamin C with Zinc, Vitamin D, minerals and trace elements to boost body immunity.

• Drinking warm water more frequently, controlled steam inhalation and gargling the throat with salt water and mouth wash

• Various reliable or proven herbal or natural products to improve our body immunity

• Have enough exercise, sleep or rest and live a more hygienic and healthier lifestyle

19. Until the pandemic is over, we must continue to adhere to control measures such as social distancing, wearing face mask in crowded places and frequent hand wash.

Media Coordinator

Azmi Anshar


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