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197. Alanna Tonge-Jelley wrote

Before I start this post I am in no way feeding into conspiracies, lies etc this is from true experience and i am currently having to write this with one hand. Today I went in for my pfizer covid 19 vaccination because i work in a care home and thought it would be in best interest of my residents to have it i was offered a choice! before i had the jab i was asked if i had any allergies which i stated a mild egg allergy so after my jab i was told to stay for a 30 minute observation to see if the vaccine caused a anaphylactic reaction. I was fine apart from a mild headache i put that down to not eating properly when i got home i decided to go for a nap which lasted an hour little did i know everything was going to get worse. When i woke up i could barely feel my right side (i was vaccinated in my right arm) and could barely string a sentence together i had slurred speech and little energy. as time went on i lost complete sensation in my right arm and leg and my headache became an excruciating pain in my neck aswell, my mum suspected something was wrong and called 111 for some advice as we weren’t sure if these are normal side effects.

When speaking to 111 they sent an ambulance which came in 10 minutes, i was assessed and sent to the royal hospital i was then sent for a CT scan and admitted as a potential stroke bearing in mind i am 19 years old. the CT scan was clear but there was no explanation for the loss of feeling in my body I am now on a stroke ward despite no sign of a stroke to monitor if my feeling comes back and to see if i can walk again.

So please unless you need this vaccination refrain from getting it because we all know what is the reason i am in this state right now but they refuse to say it!

UPDATE. i put this post for awareness not to be trolled and called a liar when i am currently unable to even go to the toilet without full assistance today i managed to take a step using the whole strength in my body. i would never lie about something so serious.

I’d like to add another update and progress video as no i don’t think i have to prove myself but just show the seriousness of my situation. This video was during my therapy session on trying to get my arm moving again i used all the strength i have to try and move a fork to my mouth. I have not once said anti vaccine etc i decided to take it i simply just shared what has happened to me.

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