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475. PPIM - Mandatory Vaccination Conflicts the Right to Liberty under the Federal Constitution and

1. We are NOT anti vaxxers but Pro vaccines that are Proven Safe and to be administered on a VOLUNTARY basis and preferably to be offered at the right time to the public to prevent "Viral Immune Escape" and creation of new variants.

This is as advised by two of the world's leading virologists Dr Geert Vanden Bossche and French Nobel Prize Laurette Prof Luc Montagnier.

Dark Agenda

2. There has been implied and explicit threats about making the so called vaccination mandatory, especially for the now proven toxic Pfizer experimental synthetic mRNA chemical gene, which is by the definition of the US CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), is NOT a vaccine!

We have as of today, a total of 45.8 million doses of this toxic Pfizer product for 22.9 million people, 72 percent of our population of 32 million people.

Graphene Oxide

3. The Pfizer experimental mRNA chemical gene has been found to be toxic from the recent Japanese Bio-distribution Study announced by Canadian expert Prof Dr Bryam Bridle on 28 May 2021 and from the Spanish Graphene Oxide Study published on 28 June 2021. Pfizer has up today, not issued any press statements about both these studies. Also, the US Government National Institutes of Health (NIH), from last year, has stated on its own website that the synthetic mRNA gene therapy (used by Pfizer and which has never been used for a vaccine before) “can have very serious health risks, such as toxicity, inflammation, and cancer.”

4. We question that the Pfizer synthetic mRNA “vaccine” maybe FRAUDULENTLY given an approval for use as an EXPERIMENTAL DRUG under the US FDA (Food & Drug Administration) EMERGENCY USE AUTHORISATION (EUA) in December 2020? To qualify for EUA usage, there was a strict condition that there must be no other safe and alternative drugs for prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19. The worldwide community of medical experts thinks that this is a blatant LIE.

Safe Alternative

5. As by December 2020, there was ALREADY an internationally WELL-PROVEN very safe, very cheap and very effective Asian wonder drug called Ivermectin for both prophylaxis and treatment against Covid-19, based on 40 years of usage by 4 Billion people (half of humanity) for many tropical diseases AND based on many studies around the world against Covid-19 since this disease became known publicly in January 2020. The US FDA, CDC, Pfizer and their proponents did everything they could to hide or pretend that Ivermectin did not exist. Hence the dirty Smear Campaign, using lies and disinformation, to discredit and sabotage the use of Ivermectin for prevention and treatment against Covid-19.

6. Therefore, if the authorities were to make the injection of the toxic Pfizer EXPERIMENTAL mRNA chemical gene or even any real vaccine MANDATORY, it would in fact violate the Right to Freedom under the Malaysian Constitution, go against justice and go against human rights. It is also against the principles under the Nuremberg Code which our country and the Malaysian Medical Council subscribe to.

7. The Nuremberg Code drafted in 1947 after the famous Nuremberg Trials of 1945-46 of Nazi war criminals, is a code of ethics and set of principles regarding the conduct of human experiments, use of experimental drugs and about the need for informed consent for ANY vaccination. The principles of the Nuremberg Code have been adapted by the Declaration of Helsinki which becomes ethical principles for all medical practitioners worldwide.

8. The recent “Informed Consent Form” designed by the government which every person must sign before being injected with any vaccine or other substance, states very clearly that the person concerned must be informed properly about the substance to be injected and the risks involved. He or she must accept full responsibility for any consequences and accept there is no guarantee that the “vaccine” would prevent the person from being infected with Covid-19. The person must then sign his/her consent before being given the jab. Vaccination is a serious matter and once given, a person cannot “unvaccinate” and would have to live with all the consequences.

9. Therefore, we call upon any Rakyat if they feel that they are being forced or coerced, especially “vaccines” of experimental synthetic mRNA chemical genes or other materials, to come forward to PPIM to seek legal assistance and advice. We stand ready to represent you and fight for justice and your fundamental freedoms and rights.

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