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469. Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management

Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management (July 2021)

We have Dr. Haider with us once more. He is an MD based on the east coast and practices through telemedicine. He has gained popularity for his outpatient protocol for COVID management. Today we will discuss this protocol with Dr. Haider. Let’s talk with him.

BIO of Dr. Haider

Dr Haider was a national merit scholar and attended the University of Florida on a full academic scholarship for two years studying computer and electrical engineering before enrolling at Shifa College of Medicine where he completed a 5 year medical degree with honors in Biochemistry. He completed his residency in internal medicine at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn and afterwards worked for 10 years as a hospitalist before transitioning into general telemedicine in early 2020 and then becoming focused on COVID-19 tele health since Dec of last year. He was one of the first physicians to see success adding fluvoxamine to the ivermectin protocol.

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